Hello, and welcome to bigsistyle! We are Jacquie (22), Justine (20), and Jill (15), and we are the three big sisters of six kids! We live and blog on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This blog is about our different lives and styles that reflect who we are as individuals, as well as that older sibling that you have (or you wish) to steal clothes from ;) So come in and make yourself at home.. and get inspired, why don't ya?

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Cher = Swag

Top: Kohl’s (white cami); PacSun (orange lace tank)
Shorts: H&M
Boots: Target
Headphones: Panasonic RP-HTX7

Hello! I wore this outfit on one of the most happiest days of my life. I met my idol, the X Factor UK legend, (as Simon Cowell says) the ultimate brat, CHER LLOYD. To say the least, I was extremely happy. She. Is. My. Idol. And she hugged me.

As you can see in the picture, I’m wearing a lace tank top, high waisted shorts, and combat boots that you saw in my last post! Underneath, the white cami is just a basic from Kohls. This orange lace tanktop is from Pacsun. The black high waisted shorts are from H&M and they are my new favorite shorts. :) However, if you don’t like using a lint roller everytime you want to wear them… Don’t buy them. I absolutely LOVE using the lint roller. It’s so much fun. They just look so clean afterwards…. Hahaha the combat boots are from target and my favorite accessory (my headphones) were a christmas present. You can get them on ebay in pink, white, and lime green. They’re super light weight and are great quality. They have raving reviews, too!

The reason I wore my headphones was so Cher could sign them. But her manager wouldn’t let her sign anything. One day though… I’ll get her to sign them. IT WILL HAPPEN. Okay, bye guys! Keep being the amazing big sisters that you are!


Top: American Eagle (old)
Shorts: PacSun
Bag: Dooney & Bourke

I’m really into printed shorts right now. When I saw these at PacSun online, I fell in love with the print, but unfortunately, when these shorts came in the mail, the print was all out of whack and really crazy. Now, I don’t mind crazy - I’m obviously wearing them in this picture, but after thinking about it for sometime, I’m not completely satisfied with these Kirra shorts, so they’re going back. If the fabric was properly aligned, I would keep them, because the print is still really cute… but it’s not, and looking back at these pictures, I just feel like they look weird.

I ordered another pair of these Kirra shorts, but in a floral print (here). These are MUCH cuter and truer to the pictures online. Plus, I’m in love with how light and easy they are. It feels like I’m wearing pajamas! Love! I’m also going a little insane for these shorts from American Eagle (here) — And they’re having an additional 30% off clearance right now! Unfortunately, I’ve ordered not once, but TWICE, from ae.com in the past week… the most recent time was last night actually. I’ve got to stop this shopping madness!! But these shorts are just TOO CUTE!

Oh, yeah. By the way.. Yes, that is Cher Lloyd in the second picture. Justine, Jill, and I drove about an hour and a half to meet her outside of a radio station. If you don’t know who she is, just go to youtube, type in Cher Lloyd, and listen to her wonderful little voice. She was on the UK X Factor with One Direction and made it to the top 4, and now she’s making it big all over the world. She was the cutest little person - and so nice!! She gave us all hugs! Jill was pretty much freaking out. When she met her, she excitedly said, “Cher… You’re like… My idol…”

So yeah.. that’s pretty much it. What do YOU guys think about the printed shorts trend? Hate it or love it?

All In My Head

Fedora: H&M 
Top: JcPenny (old)
Shorts: Hollister (old)
Bag: Aeropostale (old)

What can I say? I was in a hurry to pick up Jilli from school that I couldn’t find the right & cuter footwear for this attire. I apologize, what was i thinking! lol.  My outfit is cute from the knees and up, so please ignore anything below that lol. 

Cute outfit for a nice, hot summer day. This is actually my first attempt that I’ve tried in tucking in my top for an every day outfit. In the past, I never did because I always thought I looked bad. But here I decided to give it a try because my top was actually really long and if I just let it flow, it would’ve looked like I was wearing no shorts lol. But all is well & I’m happy that I finally pulled it off. Perhaps it was all in my head, no? (:

The Fedora was a special touch to this outfit, I actually took Jilli’s helpful advice & wore it because the sun was blazing like a bitch that day (sorry for the foul language) and I didn’t want to get sunburn on my face again like I did at Jacquie’s graduation. So, if it’s extremely hot outside and the sun is blazing down angrily from the heavens, please be safe by applying some sunscreen (carry it in your purse so if you needed you can apply some more), wear sunglasses & a hat & most importantly carry a bottle of water to keep hydrated! Summer is finally here, so go outside & enjoy it!(;

CSA: Cheap Shopaholics Anonymous

Top: Target
Shorts: old Bullhead bootcut jeans (from PacSun) - cut & destroyed by me
Shoes: Rampage
Bag: CLN - gift from my mom from the Philippines

So… I really liked this outfit when I was taking pictures, but looking at it now.. I feel kind of weird about it. I remember being really proud of myself for cutting and destroying my own shorts from an old pair of jeans. They look a lot better in person, I guess.. ? They make me want to just buy a new pair of actual shorts..

But does anyone else have trouble spending $30 on a pair of perfectly destroyed shorts when you’ve got all these jeans in your closet that you don’t use and that you could just cut yourself? I’ve been on this shopping craze as of late, buying things that I didn’t have a chance to before, because I was a broke college kid.. I’ll admit, I’m pretty cheap when it comes to clothes. I’ve only recently realized just how cheap I’ve become, because I’ve been so careful with money - I’ll get something more for the fact that it’s cheap and looks okay on me and less so because I’m in love with it or it fits well.. And I’ve just realized that buying something because it’s cheap and decent looking isn’t enough of a reason to actually buy it.

It doesn’t sound like a difficult concept to grasp, but it is, and it’s more difficult to actually do what I’m preaching.. But it’s an investment, right? Not just in the longevity and amount of use that I’ll get out of a piece of clothing, but I guess it’s an investment in myself. If it looks good, AND it makes me feel good, then I should consider buying it. But if it’s okay looking but cheap.. then I shouldn’t even think about it.

Ah, easier said than done.. especially when all the good sales follow me everywhere. Such a blessing, yet such a curse at the same time.

Hi, there. I’m Katniss Everdeen, and I like climbing trees.

Cardigan: Target
Top: Old Navy
Boots: Target - Kids’ section!

Nah, I’m just Jill. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. My last week of school is the week of finals. So I’ve been SUPER busy. And tired. I’ve literally got a total of 6 hours of sleep in the last few days. It’s crazy that on the last days we have the biggest tests of the school year. Now that they’re over… It doesn’t feel like summer. It just feels like an extended weekend.

Now my outfit! The weather was absolutely beautiful with a bit of a breeze. I felt like wearing white shorts to show off the rest of my outfit! The boots are actually Justine’s but… They make the outfit, don’t you think? They’re also from the children’s section! As you can see, they are very good for climbing trees..

As you can also see, I am a fan of The Hunger Games. I read that trilogy in like a week. Team Peeta, anyone? :) My favorite line is from Catching Fire is when Katniss says, “Stay with me?” And then Peeta responds, “Always.”

Sigh. How romantic.

Hahaha again, sorry for not posting in awhile. That’s all my fault. Check again soon for Jacquie’s post!

See you soon, big sisters!

I apologize for the radio silence

Things have been a little chaotic around here. My little brother just “graduated” from Pre-K, which was the cutest thing ever (my little boy is growing up! *tear tear*). My two youngest sisters just finished up 1st and 4th grade. Jill just got done with her finals, which wrapped up her freshman year in high school. Justine’s been applying to colleges.

And me? Well, aside from applying to jobs (and desperately waiting to get any sort of news back) and keeping the kids clean, fed, well-rested, and busy now that school’s out (I make them do laps in the pool with me mwahaha!)…

I think I might have overdone it with the shoe shopping (or shopping in general). Just a little.

From left to right:
1) Rampage “Jonalee”, $22 in-store & online at BonTon*
2) Steve Madden “Mammbow”, $31 in-store at Macy’s**
3) Nike Free+ 3, $70 in-store at Macy’s**

Well, what can I say? Sometimes a girl just needs a new pair (or three) of shoes, right?


* With BonTon promo: 60% off yellow dot clearance! The Rampage Jonalee’s were originally $59! Luckily, I snagged the last pair in my size!
** With Macy’s promo: Buy 3 pairs, get 30% off your entire purchase! The Steve Madden’s were on sale in-store for $44.50, and the Nike Free’s were $100. Justine also bought some shoes so that we could get that insane discount!

Never Dress to Impress

Top: Target (Jilli’s closet)
Cardigan: Target (Jilli’s closet)
Jeans: Pac-sun
Flats: Pac-sun
Bag: Aeropostale

Before last year I always used to care how people saw me & one of the things I used to do was dress for others & never for myself. So what changed? I guess in a way I stopped caring so much of what people expected of me. I guess I stopped living for other people and started to live for myself. Last year, I hit rock bottom. I was in a bad place at that time; shattered, broken, I didn’t want to care about anything anymore. At first, it started out as a really really belated New Years Resolution lol. Every morning when I got dressed to go out, I would make an effort in my wardrobe, it was an effort to help me start every day with a new start. New outfit each day = new day, fresh start. Eventually it went into a routine and by the end of it, it started to help me out. By making the effort into dressing up in the morning, it helped my mood throughout the day.

Some days it takes me a little longer to get dressed and others it doesn’t. Sometimes I’d be lucky & wouldn’t have to put that much effort in finding an outfit. I would just look through my closet, put it on, check it out in the mirror and head off to school. And then I’d be getting comments on how cute I looked or how they loved my outfit. No matter how long it takes me, I love playing dress up, mixing it up, layering, creating something new. & don’t get me wrong, I still have some days where I’m really cold and I feel warm & comfortable in a hoodie despite the nice day outside & I would go out in the hoodie, shorts, and flip flops. I still have those days and days where I don’t care what I wear. But the main difference and change from the my past self is that I dress for myself, not to impress but to express


Shirt: J.Crew
Belt: Forever21
Shorts: Macy’s
Bag: Dooney & Bourke
Flats: American Eagle 

This past weekend I had my graduation party, and a ton of family and friends came over to celebrate with me! Most, if not all, of my really close friends came too, which is rare since I live really far from everyone. My one friend and my cousin offered to take pictures and DJ for me as my graduation present, and it turned out to be such a hit! The music was really good, and there was a photobooth kind of thing that was a lot of fun. They would take pictures of me with my family and friends, and then everyone would get an immediate print out free of charge! My mom grilled some hot dogs and burgers; my grandmother cooked some Filipino dishes; my relatives brought some food also.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a big party for just me, and lately, I’ve been feeling really unappreciated, unaccomplished, and unintelligent regardless of the fact that I just graduated from college. I kept comparing myself to people who are going to medical, vet, or grad school in the Fall while I’m taking a year off before applying to school again. I felt like I was at a standstill, and everyone was moving forward. Everyone’s going off to school again to become professionals, whereas I’m staying home getting no calls back from jobs that I apply to and taking care of my siblings. There aren’t many 22-year-olds that I can relate to when it comes to this… trying to be more independent, but having others depending on you. Living a kind of soccer-mom lifestyle with the kids in bed by 9 PM while others are traveling to different countries or bar-crawling with their friends.

Let me get this straight: I don’t hate the way I’ve chosen to live. I don’t dislike taking care of my siblings. I don’t dislike staying home with my family rather than hanging out with friends. I don’t regret taking a year off before going to school. But I do lose myself sometimes. I forget who I am, and what I want to do, because I’m so busy making sure that my siblings have a solid foundation early on in their education so that things are easier to understand later in life. In the Philippines, a lot of older siblings end up dropping out of school so that they can work to pay for their siblings to finish their schooling… Your social life is just something you have to sacrifice a little in order to make sure that your family is okay. I don’t regret that; I just get really lost, especially when I feel that my hard work towards them remains unacknowledged.

So to have this big party this weekend with good company, good food, and lots of presents just for me was extremely overwhelming. I finally saw all of the love and support that I have from so many people for reaching this milestone in my life… and I felt extremely blessed. It actually moved me to tears seeing that so many people were here for me, and it’s recharged me in a way.. and I’ve realized that different people take different paths to their individual destinations. What I’m doing is what I need to be doing, and in due time, I’ll be as successful as others around me.

No Pants Party

Skirt: PacSun
Flats: H&M
Bag: Target

I’m not wearing pants!

Today, was a really lazy day. I should probably get a headstart on studying for finals, but it’s Friday! Today I’m wearing a plain grey loose tshirt, a striped skirt from pacsun, and these red shoes from H&M. The weather this morning was moderately warm and slightly sunny. However, later on today it got ridiculously cold and windy so I kept having to hold down my skirt. Hahaha. It got even worse when my school had a practice bomb threat drill and I had to walk up and down the stadium seats. Just my luck.

Sigh. I think I’ll have to wear pants again soon.

Oooh, just a tip for the summer, guys… *invest in one of those fake camis or bandeau tops to wear underneath your shirts when it’s hot. It’s extremely comfortable and cool. (Hahaha get it? It keeps you cool AND it’s the cool thing to do! Ah, I’m so lame.)

I also curled my hair this morning to make up for my lack of accessories. Jacquie doesn’t need to do her hair to dress up an outfit because her hair is actually always done! Lucky girl, that one. My trick for making perfect waves is to turn your one inch straightener only 180 degrees after wrapping your hair around. These sections of hair should only be about an inch or less thick to make the prettiest curl possible. On the hottest setting, slowly drag the straightener down from the roots to the ends. If anyone would like a tutorial, let me know!


*credit to Jacquie

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Pocahontas to the Rescue


Dress: JcPenny   
Sandals: Nine West 

When I was in grade school, I grew out my hair until it reached the midpoint of my ribcage. In my sixth grade english class discussion this boy, I don’t why, out of the blue started calling me Pocahontas. I was still really tan from the summer and had really long really, dark, dark brown hair, I guess I looked like Pocahontas? lol. I never thought of it as an insult or anything, it was indeed a beautiful compliment. That day, I felt beautiful being compared to one of the Disney Princesses as corny as that sounds. And the dress that I’m wearing above reminded me of that day. 

I was saving this dress to wear on Saturday during Jacquie’s Graduation Party, but it was really hot & humid & I did not want to wear pants lol. In the morning for church, I threw on a white cardigan (similar) in case they blasted on the AC, in which they did & I was so glad I brought it along. Later on that day, Jacquie & I went to Jewel’s friends birthday party, which is why I’m standing in front of a Princess theme dessert table in the first picture. Ironic the day I feel like Pocahontas again I go to a Princess themed birthday party lol. To be honest, I did not go with them at first, I actually met up with Jacquie a half hour after she left. It was a rescue mission! My mom got sick and forgot that Jewel had the party to attend to, so last minute my dad sent Jacquie over to go. She had the choice of staying or just dropping off Jewel and picking her up later. They made her stay lol. And at home, my dad & I were texting her and she was pleading for someone to save her. And so the rescue mission came into action. The mission was simple: save Jacquie from having a awkward bond with all of the other mothers. Once I came, I wish I could have taken a picture of her face expression lol. It was a mix of relief, happiness, helplessness, and something else. It was hot and my hair was down, so I asked her if she could braid my hair and she did, she fishtail braided it. Beautiful, isn’t it?

I find it crazy & weird that everything was perfectly themed the entire day. But I had a wonderful time, despite the heat & humidity. The food was to die for: the chicken & steak & the desserts, oh man I felt like I was in heaven!(:

Oh & if you’re wondering, the Rescue mission it was a success!(: